Innovative Imaging

Integrating the latest in interactive technology with traditional 3D renderings, Michael Abbott & Associates has been able to create virtual modules that allow clients to fully experience their future projects in web formats that are easily communicated virtually anywhere in the world To become virtual reality, projects are coded using Unreal or Unity technology. Through the innovative combination of 3D renderings and animation, interactive digital pieces attract and engage on a deeper level than more traditional methods.

Interactive digital pieces engage consumers with innovation, scale and limitless possibilities of surprise and delight – especially when coupled with state-of-the-art graphic elements and digital connectivity.

Capturing Movement

Architectural affinity and emotional connections can be brilliantly crafted through clever applications of utility, design, and technology, empowering viewers to a deeper understanding of your project or brand. Michael Abbott & Associates helps move your project or brand forward by immersing your audience in a personalized experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.